About Us

“We are a private, non-profit organization committed to helping the people of Hawai‘i live happier, healthier lives by making sure that health insurance is not only easier to purchase, but also easier to understand.”

Our Vision:

We have the ability, power, and obligation to help the people of Hawaiʻi become healthier by building knowledge and awareness. We can do this through access to needed health insurance, through education about health and wellness including how insurance works, through effective partnerships with other healthcare and community stakeholders, and many other actions that are fundamentally about helping people. We are much more than an IT system, which is only a means to an end. First and foremost, we are a customer and consumer service organization that exists to “Connect Hawaiʻi to a healthier life”.


“Created to help Hawai‘i’s individuals, families, and small businesses, the Hawai‘i Health Connector is not an insurance company nor do we belong to any political party or interest group.”

Our Mission:

To create a health insurance exchange that conforms to the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is responsive to the unique needs and circumstances of Hawai’i, and reduces the number of uninsured by providing a transparent marketplace, conducting consumer education and assisting individuals in gaining access to assistance programs, premium assistance tax credits, and cost-share reductions.

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State and Federal Information
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Legislative Testimony

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Feb. 5, 2015 – To the Hawaiʻi Senate Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection, regarding SB 745 and SB 1028, Relating to the Hawai’i Health Connector Click to view testimony.

Feb. 4, 2015 – To the Hawaiʻi House Committee on Health regarding HB 726 and HB 727, Relating to the Hawaiʻi Health Connector & Hawaiʻi Health Insurance Exchange Click to view testimony.

Dec. 29, 2014 – To the Hawaiʻi Senate Health Connector Legislative Oversight Committee regarding ACT 233 of SLH 2014, Relating to the Hawaiʻi Health Connector Click to view briefing.